Industry-Proven Reliability and Security

Our product and service offerings range from the direct sales of the SCO® Unix
operating systems and related products to the support, installation, and consulting
of SCO® Unix on Intel Platforms with the seemless integration of SCO® Unix servers into your Windows® network. 

Secure Remote Offsite Backup & Recovery
Computer Business Consultants now offers secure remote offsite backup and recovery services for SCO Unix Servers. Complete with dedicated backup servers and secure high-bandwidth dedicated Internet connections, SCO Servers can be automatically backed up to and restored from remote offsite servers providing tape-free offsite data protection. Learn More >

Emergency Data Recovery
Hard drive crashed? Unrecoverable system? No worries.
When the need arises for data recovery services, time is crucial, and data is mission-critical. Data recovery may be the most practical option available. Our data recovery reads from the damaged media itself without jeopardizing data. Learn More >

SCO® OpenServer™ 6.0
SCO® OpenServer™ Release 6.0 is an impressive new operating system featuring large file support , multiple CPU, and support for a broad array of modern applications. With a decade of rock-solid stability and dependability SCO OpenServer has stood the test of time for small and large businesses needing an affordable all-in-one server. Learn More >

SCO® OpenServer™ 5.0.7
SCO® OpenServer™ 5.0.7 supports thousands of small and medium-sized businesses around the globe. With SCO Update™ OpenServer™ continues SCO's commitment to keep its most popular operating system performing for thousands of small and medium-sized business customers around the globe. From integration with the latest open source software to a wider-than-ever range of hardware support options, SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 packs in all the functionality your business needs today and in the future. Learn More >

SCO UnixWare® 7.1.4
SCO UnixWare® 7.1.4 is the latest release of SCO's award winning, state of the art UNIX operating system, with a high performance database and transaction processing capability, you can rely on SCO UnixWare® to run even the most critical line of business applications. Learn More >

SCOoffice Server 4.1 -- Email and Collaboration
SCOoffice Server 4.1 combines security and reliability with a friendly, full-featured Internet e-mail and collaboration solution. Designed with excellent security and collaboration features, SCOoffice Server prevents e-mail viruses, filters out junk e-mail, schedules group meetings, shares contact lists, and manages group tasks. Learn More >

Reliant HA -- High-Availability Clustering Solution
Reliant HA is a significant high-availability product from SCO, providing sophisticated options for reliability and complex clustered configurations. Both systems offer unprecedented availability levels, and each has its own specialization. Learn More >

Optional Products

Merge: Allows OpenServer™ and Unixware® users to run DOS and Windows applications

Advanced File and Print Server: Allows OpenServer™ and Unixware® to use your UNIX server as a file and print server for your Windows workstations

Virtual Disk Manager: Allows OpenServer™ to configure multiple physical drives into large virtual drive volumes

UnixWare 7 Disk Mirroring
UnixWare 7 Disk Mirroring provides increased data availability by providing fault tolerance against disk failures and faster access via software RAID Level 1 (simple disk mirroring). By adding a second disk to the system and enabling Disk Mirroring, administrators will automatically have access to their business-critical data should one disk fail. Learn More >

UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager
UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager provides software RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10 (striping, mirroring, striping with distributed parity and striped mirroring) as well as disk spanning capabilities. It includes a graphical Visual Administrator for exceptional ease-of-use and supports online filesystems resizing, migration and RAID level modifications. Learn More >