Emergency Data Recovery
SCO Unix Servers.

Hard drive crashed? Unrecoverable system? No worries.
When the need arises for data recovery services, time is crucial, and data is mission-critical. Data recovery may be the most practical option available. Our data recovery reads from the damaged hard drive or media without jeopardizing data.

Full-Service - We allow you to instantly view your potential recovered data and can restore your system to its pre-failure state.

Up-to-Date - Although many people revert to backups following a data loss, those backups typically contain outdated information or are corrupt themselves. Data recovery can help you access the most recent version of the lost data.

Quick-Acting - Every second that passes following a data disaster means time and money lost to your company. Data recovery reduces this downtime by quickly recovering and returning your data.

Cost-Effective - The expense in time, money, and effort of rebuilding or re-keying lost data can be overwhelming to your company. Data recovery can provide the quickest and most complete data possible. You can view a complete listing of the recoverable and non-recoverable files in an organized, easily searchable format. This gives you all of the information necessary to determine if important files can be recovered before committing to service fees and proceeding with an actual recovery.

If you have any questions about data recovery or your options, please contact us at 1-800-778-0838