Secure Remote Offsite
Backup & Recovery Services
SCO Unix Servers.

Offsite Backup Features & Benefits

Complete with dedicated backup servers and secure high-bandwidth dedicated Internet connections, SCO Servers can be automatically backed up to and restored from our remote offsite servers providing tape-free offsite data protection.

Don't risk losing your company's data. Most organizations are unsure of their data backups and worse yet if they do backup the data tapes are kept in the same room as the data. Taking a data tape offsite is an excellent prevention but in the case of Hurricane Katrina where the entire area was devastated off site data tapes did very little to protect the company's data.

Computer Business Consultants Offsite Data Backup & Restore Services for SCO are another very inexpensive solution for preventing the catastrophic loss of a business:

  • Support for OpenServer 5, OpenServer 6, & UnixWare.

  • Price Plans Start at $10 per GB.

  • Complete system crash recovery services available.

  • Fully Encrypted Secure Backup & Restore

  • No-Wait Recovery - Instantly recover your data.

  • Tape-less backup and recovery means no hardware or software to buy and a fully automated process requiring little employee time or resources.

  • Automatic notification of backup results.

  • All you need is a broadband or high-speed Internet connection such as those provided by your local telephone or cable company.