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We place a primary emphasis on the SCO OpenServer product line and optional products. SCO OpenServer is the world's most popular UNIX operating system for the Intel platform., delivering tried and true performance, affordability, with unmatched reliability, scalability, and flexibility.

Before selecting OpenServer 5.0.7 consider OpenServer 6.0. The latest SCO Operating System. Computer Business Consultants, Inc has an exclusive migration agreement with many software vendors to migrate their software to the latest release of OpenServer 6.0 with a 100% migration success rate.

Enterprise System 5.0.7
The SCO OpenServer Enterprise System is ideal for business-critical applications that require a
cost effective, rock solid platform. Its adaptable configurations can be tailored to fit the specific server needs of any business, by providing a range of services that include internet functionality, network backups, interoperability with many other operating systems, and common productivity tools.

Desktop System 5.0.7
The SCO OpenServer Desktop System excels at running client-side, transaction-based applications, accessing databases and networked information, and providing file/resource sharing andcommunications across a range of peer, server and host environments.

Host System 5.0.7
The SCO OpenServer Host System is an excellent platform for delivering highly reliable, non-networked multi-user solutions.

Development System 5.0.7
The SCO OpenServer Development System provides a key set of development tools that can be
augmented with over 200 third-party hardware and software products to create the most robust and efficient development environment.

SCO Update Service 5.0.7
SCO Update Service is no longer available for OpenServer 5.0.7 due to the release of the new OpenServer release 6.0

OpenServer Optional Products

SCO also provides a range of optional products that extend and complement the built-in functionality provided by the OpenServer family. Available for OpenServer are:

Merge: Allows OpenServer users to run DOS and Windows applications

Advanced File and Print Server: Allows you to use your UNIX server as a file and print server for your Windows workstations

Virtual Disk Manager: Allows you to configure multiple physical drives into large virtual drive volumes.