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SCO’s award winning, state of the art UNIX® operating system. It is the mature and proven operating system to support your most critical line of business applications, yet is affordably priced to host all compute needs. It supports the newest industry standard hardware platforms and peripherals and contains even more of the high performance, scalability and reliability features that you have come to expect from UnixWare.

Small Business Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Small Business Edition (SBE) is the new Edition for customers that need a full-featured, low cost server platform for supporting edge of network services or as a file and print server. It is configured and priced to meet a wide range of needs, including support for a small business or for low budget pilot projects that need to quickly scale up to production if the pilot is successful. The Small Business Edition contains all of the same performance, reliability and scalability features that you have come to expect from UnixWare, and is packaged with a single user, a single processor and 1 GB of memory Like all the UnixWare Edition, additional users, memory and CPUs can be added to the SBE. However, when customers consider licensing additional resources for the SBE, they may find it more economical to “cross-grade” to a Business Edition instead of licensing additional resources for the SBE.

Base Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Base Edition provides a solid foundation for building dedicated or specialized server environments, such as telecommunications equipment and other embedded or replicated systems. The Base Edition default configuration is similar to the Small Business Edition but the cost of adding additional users to the Base Edition is more economical than adding users to the Small Business Edition. The Base Edition is the right choice for customers who have initial limited user capacity requirements which are expected to grow quickly as the business matures.

Business Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Business Edition has been packaged with additional CPUs and users in the standard, out of the box configuration. Instead of getting 5 users and 1 CPU, the new installation comes with 10 users and 4 CPUs. Customers who upgrade from a prior version of the Business Edition will get the additional 5 users and additional CPUs enabled on their systems. The Business Edition is targeted for replicated sites or workgroups requiring reliable access to diverse applications, and the ability to expand system capability as the organization grows.

Departmental Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Departmental Edition is targeted for departmental servers or replicated sites in medium or large organizations and is designed to run applications and reliably share business critical information with a wide range of client devices. The Departmental Edition default configuration has been increased from 2 CPUs and 4GB of memory to 4 CPUs and 8GB of memory, which provides additional capacity to simultaneously run multiple applications.

Enterprise Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Enterprise Edition provides a solid foundation for medium to high end database servers or application servers. The scalability and performance capabilities of the Enterprise Edition make it an excellent application server to support on-line transaction processing or decision support applications where response time and reliability are critical success factors. The Enterprise Edition is licensed for 50 users, 16 GB of memory and the number of CPUs has been increased from 4 to 6.

Data Center Edition
The UnixWare 7.1.4 Data Center Edition is unmatched in its ability to deliver the total performance and capabilities of proprietary, high cost, UNIX systems but because it runs on cost efficient Intel and AMD processor-based servers, it is a more affordable and cost effective solution. The Data Center Edition is built to meet the performance and 24 x 7 x 365 availability demands of business-critical application environments. The On-Line Data Management feature provides real-time management of data on redundant disks and file systems. It ensures that the information critical to your business is dependable, accessible and accurate. The Reliant®HA Clustering optional add-on product takes this already high availability and scalability to a whole new level. With support for multiple levels of redundancy and support for servers with huge disk and memory capacity, the Data Center Edition brings data center power with significant cost savings over equivalent proprietary RISC based UNIX server offerings. The Data Center Edition is licensed for 8 CPUs, 150 users, 32 GB of memory and RAID support with the Online Data Manager, and is scalable from there.

UnixWare Optional Products
SCO also provides a range of optional products that extend and complement the built-in functionality provided by the UnixWare. Available for UnixWare are:

SCOoffice Server 4.1 -- Email and Collaboration
SCOoffice Server 4.1 combines security and reliability with a friendly, full-featured Internet e-mail and collaboration solution. Designed with excellent security and collaboration features, SCOoffice Server prevents e-mail viruses, filters out junk e-mail, schedules group meetings, shares contact lists, and manages group tasks. Learn More >

Vintela Authentication -- Manage UNIX Authentication and User IDs Using Microsoft Active Directory
Vintela Authentication from SCO (VAS 2.2). Using Microsoft® Active Directory®, VAS lets you securely manage UNIX user identities and authentication alongside Windows systems. VAS 2.2 includes support for HP-UX, 64-bit Solaris, SCO UNIX, and other UNIX platforms. Learn More >

Reliant HA -- High-Availability Clustering Solution
Reliant HA is a significant high-availability product from SCO, providing sophisticated options for reliability and complex clustered configurations. Both systems offer unprecedented availability levels, and each has its own specialization. Learn More >

Merge: Allows OpenServer™ and Unixware® users to run DOS and Windows applications

Advanced File and Print Server: Allows OpenServer™ and Unixware® to use your UNIX server as a file and print server for your Windows workstations

UnixWare 7 Disk Mirroring
UnixWare 7 Disk Mirroring provides increased data availability by providing fault tolerance against disk failures and faster access via software RAID Level 1 (simple disk mirroring). By adding a second disk to the system and enabling Disk Mirroring, administrators will automatically have access to their business-critical data should one disk fail. Learn More >

UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager
UnixWare 7 Online Data Manager provides software RAID Levels 0, 1, 5, 10 (striping, mirroring, striping with distributed parity and striped mirroring) as well as disk spanning capabilities. It includes a graphical Visual Administrator for exceptional ease-of-use and supports online filesystems resizing, migration and RAID level modifications. Learn More >