UNIX Authentication & Identity Management
Using Microsoft® Active Directory®

A secure solution to reduce time managing user identities while preserving existing Microsoft infrastructure investments. Vintela Authentication from SCO enables one user identity for Windows and UNIX logins..

The results of deploying Vintela Authentication from SCO:

  • Less user frustration
  • Less time wasted on password problems
  • Seamless user identities and tightened security
  • Improved end-user productivity and increased application utilization
  • Free administrators for more valuable projects

Vintela Authentication from SCO enables UNIX user logins to be authenticated in the same manner as Windows® user logins, through Microsoft Active Directory. Users need only remember a single username and password for logging into Windows and UNIX resources.

With only one identity per user managed from a central location, Vintela Authentication from SCO also greatly simplifies system administration. Alternative solutions compromise security and involve lengthy, expensive deployments. Vintela Authentication from SCO delivers simplicity and security with a fast payback.

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