How do I print to PDF in SCO Unix OpenServer or UnixWare in Articles
Jun 1st 20

Create a directory to store the PDF files:mkdir /usr/pdfchown lp:lp /usr/pdfCreate an HPNP style PostScript printer with...

How to add a SCSI or IDE disk on SCO Unix OpenServer that has data to preserve in Articles
May 21st 20

Use this procedure to add a hard drive disk to SCO Unix OpenServer and preserve data on the drive. Make a backup of the ...

Add drive unix
Add unix disk
Add unix harddrive
Ide drive unix
How to Add a SCSI hard drive for SCO Unix OpenServer 5.0.x in Articles
May 19th 20

Establish whether the hard drive has information you want to keep. If the hard drive does have data you want to preserve...

Add Hard Drive
Add Unix Hard Drive
Hard drive
Sco unix
How to use the 'usbprobe' command for SCO Unix OpenServer and SCO UnixWare in Articles
May 17th 20

The SCO Unix usbprobe command scans for and reports connected USB devices for SCO Unix OpenServer and SCO UnixWare. For ...

Sco unix
Sco unixware
Unix openserver
How to recover data from a SCO Unix Hard Drive when the SCO Unix Hard Drive crashed? in Articles
Nov 19th 19

Solution: If tar or cpio are used to perform a SCO Unix Backup the system can be recovered however it may need to be rep...

Recover Unix Data
SCO Unix Support
Unix Data Recovery
Unix Hard Drive Recovery