Unix serial printer, or Unix pseudo printer (a printer attached to a terminal), loses print configuration or prints sporadically. in Articles
Nov 14th 19

Solution:  As Superuser, run "stty sane < /dev/tty_device_of_printer" without quotes. Where tty_device_of_printer is th...

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After changing the IP address on my SCO Unix server running SAMBA as an NT domain controller I can no longer connect to the the SAMBA NT domain or add PCs into the domain in Articles
Oct 8th 19

Solution:I also see an error in the nmbd.log (/var/log/samba) showing an error finding the master browser at the old IP...

How do I change or recover a lost root password in SCO OpenServer 5.0.7? in Articles
Oct 8th 19

Solution: If you are able to login as another user run /etc/hwconfig -hc and look for the root controller hardware ada...

Setup HP Print Services on non HP Print Server of SCO Unix Servers in Articles
Oct 8th 19

Problem: How do I setup HP print services on a non HP print server on SCO Unix Servers? Cause: I would like to setup a...

Install DOS using Merge on SCO Unix OpenServer. in Articles
Oct 8th 19

Solution: Referring to SCO TA 112642 when running dosinstall the error message "Unknown systemtype sco32" is displayed. ...