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When logging in to SCO Unix Server I get the message: Telnet Services Not Authorized

Solution: Change the /etc/profile and add additional users as needed.  It is not advisable to place the root logname in this script due to security.

Note: For security reasons the /etc/profile has been modified to minimize logins and to exclude root from logging in from anywhere except the console.

Substitute “username1”, “username2” etc.. with valid user logins.

if [ `tty | cut -c1-9` = “/dev/ttyp” ]
       if [ “$LOGNAME” != “username1” ] && [ “$LOGNAME” != “username2” ]
          && [ “$LOGNAME” != “username3” ]
       echo “\n\nTelnet Services Not Authorized”
       sleep 1 

Note: If root access is needed from anywhere other than the console then login as a user granted ‘su‘ permissions and then ‘su‘ as root.

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