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Setup HP Print Services on non HP Print Server of SCO Unix Servers

Problem: How do I setup HP print services on a non HP print server on SCO Unix Servers?

Cause: I would like to setup a non HP print server that is compatible to the HP print server on my SCO OpenServer or Unixware server using the port 9100.
A typical example is the Kyocera copier/scanner/fax


In OpenServer move the /etc/getone to another named file.

# cp /etc/getone /etc/

In Unixware move the location is in /usr/sbin.

Blank out /etc/getone

# > /etc/getone

Edit /etc/getone script using an editor with the following contents:

echo “Name: HP.
Value: 0

Then to allow access for all users change permissions on the /etc/getone

# chmod 755 /etc/getone

This workaround will change the HP Network Printer Script’s reliance on SNMP.

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