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Will my VGA video card/adapter work with SCO XENIX System V Release 2.2.3?
vga ega ibm compaq olivetti paradise video card adapter 2.2.3 ps2 xnx084 xnx086 xenix adaptor
SCO XENIX Operating System Release 2.2.3

          Does SCO XENIX 286/386 support any VGA cards? In what modes are
           those cards supported?

           IBM PS/2 VGA:

            SCO XENIX Release 2.2.2 and later include IBM PS/2 VGA
            support.  This support is only for the VGA that comes with
            the PS2 model 60 or model 80, and then only in EGA mode.

           COMPAQ VGA (and compatibles)

           In SCO XENIX Release 2.2.3 we support this VGA card, in
            EGA mode.

           IBM VGA, OLIVETTI VGA (and compatibles)

           Currently SCO XENIX does not support these VGA cards.
            We hope to have support for the IBM, Olivetti, and compatible
            VGA cards in release 2.3.  Support Level Supplement (SLS) 
            xnx084(286) and xnx086(386) provide VGA support in EGA mode 
            for the IBM, Olivetti and compatible VGA cards running SCO 
            XENIX Release 2.2.3.  

       Support Level Supplements xnx084 & xnx086 are now Obsolete. ****
       ****   These supplements are no longer available through SCO   ****

            Note: The Paradise VGA running in EGA mode has been reported to
            work using SCO XENIX 386 Operating System Release 2.2.3 combined
            with the xnx086 SLS.  Please note that this SLS contains a new
            set of N volume diskettes.  
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