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Does SCO XENIX support the use of more than one video card?
2.2 2.3 xenix video console monochrome vidi ega cga vga multiscreens card adaptor two multiple more vidi dual monitors serial adapter
SCO XENIX System V Operating System Generic
SCO UNIX System V Operating System Generic

           Is it possible to use more than one video card with SCO XENIX?

           SCO XENIX will support the following video configurations:

                1.  No video adaptor  (COM 1 as serial console)

                2.  One video adaptor

                3.  Two DIFFERENT supported video adaptors

           If two supported video adaptors are used, one MUST be a monochrome
           card and the other MUST be a color card (either CGA, EGA, or VGA).

           The adaptor configured as primary (determined by hardware settings)
           will display all the bootup messages.  Prior to SCO XENIX 386 
           Operating System Release 2.3.0, the primary adaptor will also 
           control the first half of the total multiscreens allocated in the 
           NSCREENS kernel parameter.  The second video adaptor will control 
           the last half of the allocated multiscreens.

           In SCO XENIX 386 Operating System Release 2.3.0 and later all 
           configured multiscreens will go to primary video by default.  To
           allocate multiscreens to the secondary card, use the command 
           vidi(c).  For example, if you are using a monochrome card as your
           secondary video card and want tty07 associated with that card, you
           would use the following command:

                     vidi mono < /dev/tty07 > /dev/tty07

            It is necessary to activate the new screen by typing <alt> F7
            before any output will go to this screen.  Placing this line in
            the file /etc/rc.d/8/userdef will cause the command to be executed 
            every time the system enters multi-user mode.
           Repeat this process for each multiscreen you want associated with
           the second video card.

           Beginning with SCO XENIX Operating System Release 2.2.0, kernel 
           error messages are directed to the current multiscreen (or serial 
           console if no video adaptor is present), regardless of whether 
           the active screen is controlled by the primary or secondary video 

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