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How compatible is Microsoft Word for UNIX with Word for Windows?
microsoft word unix 5.1.1 5.0.1 windows file compatible pit
Microsoft Word 5.0.1 5.1.1

          How compatible is Microsoft Word for UNIX with Word for Windows?

           File compatiblity with PC/Word

           PC/Word file format can be read directly into 
           Microsoft Word for UNIX.

           File compatiblity with Microsoft Word for Windows

           . The Microsoft Word for Windows file format is called 
             Rich Text Format, RTF.

           . Microsoft Word for Windows file format can be converted and
             then read into Microsoft Word for Unix using a supplied
           . This utility is called word_rtf.  It will convert .rtf files
             to .dcx (the format used under Microsoft Word for Unix).

           . This utility can also be invoked form Micorsoft Word for
             Unix using a macro.  The macro is called rts_load and is
             found under /usr/lib/word/examples/macro.glx.

 NOTE     . For Microsoft Word 5.0.1 there is an EFS available
 ----       that will allow you to convert files as described.
             Microsoft Word 5.1.1 comes with the file conversion
             capabilities included with the product.
           (For more information on this please refer to the Microsoft Word
           for UNIX Feature Supplement.)

           Command Compatibility

           Commands with Microsoft Word for UNIX and Microsoft Word 
           for Windows are similar but not identical.  Commands with 
           future versions of Microsoft Word for UNIX will follow 
           the lead of the PC Word and Word for Windows products, and will 
           become more window oriented.
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